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Flight Booking Process App

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Flight Booking Process App


As part of my Professional Diploma in UX Design studies I was tasked with a project of a start-up airline looking to create an online experience that would be fast, easy, and intuitive based upon a deep understanding of their target users.


My task was to focus on the flight booking process and how users search for and select flights on a mobile app.


Look at what other airlines are doing, learn from their mistakes and take inspiration from the things they do right. Use that information to focus on your research and ultimately improve your designs.


I conducted research using various methods taught to me during my course and analysed my findings to identify any problems during the flight booking process. My analysis revealed some major pain points. One of these was users not realising flight stop overs until the flight summary screen and then becoming frustrated with the software.

Using Figma I created a medium-fidelity prototype with annotations that encompassed my UI Design improvements.

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